Welcome to our STEM Club

**Due to COVID-19 we will continue to distance learn for the safety of the students**

Hello students and parents! Welcome to the official homepage for our STEM X club. STEM X club is open to students of all ages who attend schools in the Exeter school district. Discover just a few of the benefits of joining our club.

Strengthen Problem-Solving Skills

Students must use problem-solving skills throughout their school years and beyond. The activities in STEM X club prompt students to exercise their problem-solving skills to both identify the problem and figure out creative ways to solve it. Plus, it gives students the opportunity to collaborate with their peers to find a solution.

Builds Creativity

Creativity is one of the key ingredients when coming up with new types of technology. STEM X club activities serve to stir up a student's curiosity encouraging them to think outside the box. Experiencing success with activities empowers students and motivates them to push the limits of what they think they can do!

Preparation for a Future Career

Participation in STEM X club can serve as the foundation of knowledge a student will use in a future career in any of these four disciplines.

Finally, STEM X club is a great place to meet new friends while learning a lot about science, technology, engineering, and math.