Club Information

Are you a student interested in learning more about science, technology, engineering and math?

If so, you're invited to join the STEM X club. Learn more about STEM with friends who are as excited about these subjects as you are!

What is STEM X Club?

Joining STEM X club gives you the opportunity to learn more about science, technology, engineering, and math in fun new ways.

One popular activity involves looking at how certain animals adapt to their environment while another focuses on extreme weather events and their causes. How about an activity that gives you the chance to learn the secrets behind the special effects in today's movies? Another activity focuses on devising new and unique ways people can use technology to improve their lives.

Club members get to design and build a catapult using their math and engineering skills to predict the trajectory of a rubber eraser, a toy soldier and other objects. Of course, these activities are educational. But, more importantly, they're designed to stick with you!

As a note: Parents are invited to a special exhibition and demonstration of the students' catapults. Parents prepare to be impressed!

Who Can Join?

Our STEM X club is open to students of all ages in the Exeter School District. Students are put into small groups with others in the same grade to work on age-appropriate activities.

When and Where Do We Meet?

We meet every Thursday afternoon at 4:30 in the library at Exeter Middle School. We chose the middle school library because it has plenty of space as well as several large tables where our students can collaborate on projects. We have use of all the library's computers with Internet access.

Our Faculty Advisors

We have a staff of experienced faculty advisors who supervise STEM X club activities.

Parents, if you have questions call or email any of our STEM X club advisors. We are excited to see a new group of students tackle some challenging STEM activities!