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We are the world’s leading platform for STEM Engagement, Upskilling and Data Analytics. We empower students, employers, veterans, nonprofits and governments across industries and around the world.

Disrupt Through Data Visualization.
Unlock The Power Of Predictive Analytics With AI.

Identify cost savings, performance, best practices, and security & compliance improvements with STEM X.


Work with STEM X to Manage Certifications. Turn Your Classroom into a Modern Learning Environment.


Empower Members by Holistically Enabling User-permissioned Access to Financial Data.


Improve Patient Experience, Automate Data and Streamline Clinical and Business Operations.


Seamlessly Blend Non-intrusive Experiences Directly into the Gameplay Across Mobile, PC, and Consoles.


Experience STEM X, Enable Emotional Connections Between Brands and Consumers


Discover How STEM X is Helping Businesses Simplify Data and Do More With Less.

An Edge-to-Edge
STEM Engagement, Data Analytics, and Upskilling Solution

Whether students and employees are interested in attending college, pursuing a vocational trade, joining the military or becoming an entrepreneur, STEM X offers expert guidance and advanced A.I. features for collaboration and automation.

Discover a Data Driven Approach to Improve Engagement

Leverage STEM X to understand, track, & engage with students, customers and employees. Easily merge your Data and Communications strategy. From concept to execution STEM X integrates quality & trusted data around data governance and management frameworks and methodologies. Deliver more reach, more value than ever before.

Unlock and Unleash Your Full Talent Potential

STEM X partners with forward-thinking businesses to build trust & drive profitable growth. Imagine a world where organizations can understand employees' current and future skills and capabilities. STEM X offers custom training solutions for Top companies across the nation. Attract, hire and prepare your candidates and employees with the skills your company needs.

Post Job Opportunities, Get Access to a Curated Pool of Top Talent

Prepare candidates for the future, post job opportunities, STEM X assist educational institutions, employment agencies and recruiters match talent. We provide free workforce training, job placement, and personal and professional coaching to pave the way for gainful employment.

Discover what makes STEM X Exceptional

Master the latest skills from industry experts at companies like
Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, & Facebook.


Screen Canidates, Deliver High-Stakes or Practice Assessments.


Mobilize, Build Awareness And Support For Your Causes.


Deliver Secure Multiple-Choice and Written Exams For Canidates.


Automate Onboarding, Matching, Scheduling, and Program Evaluation.

IVR Cloud

Create a Multi-channel, Connected Experience via Web, Email, Phone & CRM.

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