Be a Global Citizen. Align values with investments.

Through impacting investing, we can be agents of social change – while also achieving our individual goals as investors and entrepreneurs.

Delivering on the Promise of Patient Capital

STEM X empowers brands to engage, inspire, and upskill stakeholders of all types and makes it easy to measure efficacy and impact, both socially and economically.

Let's go transform the world’s biggest challenges
into the world’s biggest business opportunities.

STEM X provides the most informed and thoughtful research, consulting and guidance that a Corporate Responsibility leader can wish for.

Deeply-Rooted Program Evaluations

Impact Evaluation is an important component of the STEM X engagement-teaching-learning process.

  • Identifying what components of an initiative work/do not work and why.
  • Enhancing the chance that the initiative's objectives are being achieved.
  • Determining value for money (i.e., allocated resources are yielding the greatest benefit)
Meet global challenges.
Connect with big thinkers.
Stabilize your portfolio
Heal the world.

Inclusive Thinking Drives Innovation

Discover the latest news, videos, and discussion topics on Social Impact.

Become a High Impact Community Investor

Your investment in STEM X could help people attain home ownership, start small businesses, attend college, or address other community needs.