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STEM X Consortium is a network of invitation-only Councils for Career, Workforce Innovation, and Opportunity.

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Achieving Global Competitiveness through STEM

Boosting Competitiveness Through STEM Education. Explore pathways for impact, digital equity and transformation.

Brain Trust

Resolve up to 90% of student querries with empathetic AI automation.

Talent Pipeline

Find on-site and remote STEM ready diverse talent.

AI-Driven Analytics

Data analytics tools for studying and research.


Drive career growth and job opportunities with STEM Badges.

Workforce Innovation: Increasing the Number of STEM Graduates

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Join a first-of-its-kind platform, where Students can socialize, collaborate, and #futureproof their goals, all in an atmosphere that is passionate about STEM.

Global competitiveness, job creation,
and transformational education

STEM X members are committed to providing advocacy and leadership for advancement of an integrated STEM Innovation ecosystem.

Members-Only Benefits
as Big as Your Ambitions!

The STEM X Consortium (SXC) is a member-based network of K-12 Schools, Education Institutions, Public Housing Authorities, Corporations, and Organizations.

  • AR/VR/MX, Information technology on demand
  • Worldwide Professional Enrichment and Impact Opportunities
  • Access to Credentialed Subject Matter Experts and Instructional Designers
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Our Mission is to increase advanced training and careers in STEM fields, to expand the STEM-capable workforce, and transform a built environment reflective of such.

Here are some of the most common questions we receive about The STEM X Consortium:

STEM X provides training, high impact mentoring, and certifications designed to close the skills gap and provide a highly skilled workforce for in-demand STEM careers and jobs.

STEM X benefits includes distinct and unique advantages to strengthen your contributions to address global challenges.

STEM X members are individuals, companies, and government that is willing to work together with STEM X to achieve its common objective.

The Consortium receives operational support from its corporate partners, donations, and sponsorships.

Recruiting, Research,
and Best Practices...

Discover a unique way to engage the next generation of scientists, engineers annd innovators, while highlighting the importance of STEM education in the US

  • Post Jobs & Find Qualified Candidates Fast
  • Enterprise Compliant Interview Scheduling.
  • Get a 360° view of candidates & build a larger funnel of qualified talent.
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The Future of STEM INNOVATION Begins Now!

We believe students living in underrepresented communities should have equitable access to STEM education. We believe diversity is the strength OF our communities. More equality, equity and access is the key!