Enable Better Communications Across Your Company with Digits IVR

  • 24 Mar 2022
cloud ivr

As burgeoning technology has resulted in increased customer demand for quality  and timely service, ensuring that your business and your team has access to required customer data and the ability to communicate across multiple platforms is vital. This is why the STEM X cloud-based communication platform can easily push your business ahead of your competition.

With the STEM X platform, gone are the days when a business such as yours was limited to the data that existed in file folders, or even on an office based hard drive. Now you and your team can access complete customer data, create proposals, and submit orders no matter where in the world you are. Your mobile phone now becomes your mobile office and you will be able communicate with employees or customers and have access to any information you need as your office files can be stored and retrieved using cloud-based storage solutions.

For instance, imagine you are on vacation…relaxing on a beach in the tropics, when you notice you have a text concerning a client that wants to place a large order. The call was answered via a STEM X operator that is able to take calls and transmit messages via email, voicemail, or SMS. Utilizing the platform, you are able to create a proposal, submit it directly to the client, and once approved, send the order to your fulfillment team to finish handling the processing. All this while on the beach, from your phone, and more quickly than you could have ever done it before.

Never again will you have to say “I can take care of that when I get back in the office” or try to track down one of your employees to handle a customer’s inquiry. Your limitations are suddenly lifted away, along with the stress and strife that used to come along with them…MyCeo’s cloud-based platform can make running your business incredibly simple for you, your employees, and more importantly, your customers. Everything you need, the exact moment you need it, all in the palm of your hand.